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We made it! It’s the end of the school year since I’ve started working on Bricks to Brilliant, and we have come so far. Here is just a small reflection of the things I’ve learned from doing this: – I would say that the most important thing I’ve come to discover is that many people are willing to help, but you need to be sure to ask. Going into doing this, It felt kinda lonely, and pretty daunting. but I found out through my experiences that there are so many people that want to help and love helping if you can find them! -I wish I had spent more time on advertising, and its definitely something I will work on this summer, and into the next school year too! -I’ve definitely grown this year in terms of persistence. At the very beginning, I felt it hard to keep going, and to be motivated to do something, when there was nothing to show for it right away. But now, I’ve managed to learn to be able to push myself to my goals, even when I can’t see them yet . -The amount of thankfulness that I have for all the people who stood by me, supported me and helped me! I can not wait to see there this takes us in the future and I cant wait to see how many people we can really help. -Have an awesome day, Ryan Schramm