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To Brilliant

Building children’s futures, brick by brick

Many children can’t access or afford the building bricks we had growing up—the bricks that taught us to be creative, to share, and (occasionally) to clean up our messes. The good news? You can help us change this. After all, haven’t you got that old box of bricks lying around?

What we’re doing

Taking Donations

We accept donations of all types of plastic bricks, such as Legos.


After the bricks are donated, they are then sanitized and rinsed, removing any dust or bacteria on the bricks.


The bricks are then bagged and sent to children and communites in need!

Reusing those old bricks to create something new

Here’s how our journey is adding up!

Billion Bricks on the earth

Million Children to help

Friends Along the way

Dogs pet (Must Find more)

What are we up to?

Whenever we are doing something new and interesting, we’ll make sure to let you know. Come see what we’re up to right now by checking out the blog!

“Creativity is just intelligence having fun” –Albert Einstein

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

We love hearing from people! Whether it’s a compliment or constructive criticism, we want to talk to you!